Temporary Staffing

Will adding a few key pieces to your workforce significantly increase productivity?

Creative Staffing fills strategic positions by finding people with unique skill sets who do more than get the job done.

The world is getting smaller. Every day we’re more connected to countries and companies halfway around the globe. While that means more opportunity—it also means businesses must be increasingly agile, bringing in specialized talent when necessary and paring down when the workload is lighter.

That’s where Temporary labor comes in. Used by 80% of employers, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, flexible alternative staffing affords companies the opportunity to enlist experts when needed.

Why Creative Staffing?

Of course, there are reasons why companies use temporary staffing, and then there are reasons to select a staffing provider. Benefits of working with Creative Staffing on a contingent workforce solution include:

  • Tailored solutions. Our recruitment specialists get to know your company and goals on a whole new level, so we can find the best possible fit.
  • Cost containment. We never forget that there’s a bottom line.
  • Risk mitigation. Creative helps put a strategy in place that reduces the risks of hiring.
  • Reduced cycle times. We provide access to talent faster, without sacrificing quality